Airport Delays

Recent analysis from flight data specialist EUclaim have shown that Flight cancellations soared by 20 percent in the first quarter of 2015.  In the […]

By |Apr 23rd, 2015|SLEEPBOX BLOG|

Sleeping around the world

The 8th wonder of the world!
It is amazing how far we have come here at Sleepbox. Back in 2012 no one had even heard […]

By |Nov 4th, 2014|SLEEPBOX BLOG|

Sleepbox New Product Launch 2015

A breathtakingly beautiful piece of architecture
The stylish Sleepbox Signature has an understated yet classic design. Refined and curvaceous – with every sharp line deliberate […]

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Sleepbox Canada Office


Sleepbox Ltd, one of the world’s leading suppliers of capsule hotels, announced today that it recently opened a new office, in Canada.  Expanding it’s […]

By |Oct 20th, 2014|PRESS RELEASES|

Take time for a power nap

Take time for a power nap

Every day Sleepbox are trying to make a meaningful difference in peoples lives by […]

By |Oct 16th, 2014|NEWSLETTERS|
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