About Us


Sleepbox is the global award winning capsule sleeping brand.  Sleepbox is a leading industry innovator, offering a unique, multi-layered strategy which has transformed the definition of hotels, whilst creating a unique experience within the global business, hospitality and travel platforms.

Our luxury brand of micro accommodation will aim to re-energise the weary and disenchanted guest by offering them an affordable and convenient solution when they most need it.

Sleepbox has a clearly defined brand; an icon of expressive contemporary design and boutique attention to detail, capturing a luxurious first class feel.

The Sleepbox brand aims to provide a high level of comfort and simple pleasure, focusing on transforming a unique travel or overnight experience.  Sleepbox is focused on differentiation powered by innovation within the industry.

Our clearly defined strategy is laying a clear foundation for ongoing innovation within the aviation, travel and hospitality industries.