Sleepbox Training and Development

Sleepbox are committed to seeking talented and passionate individuals.  We pride ourselves on excellence and delivering the Sleepbox brand at an exceptional level.  Here at Sleepbox we recognise that our staff are the fundamental key to sustaining a successful and exciting future and we like to nurture and support our employees throughout their careers.  Full training and development is given to each and every one of our employees and we believe that in order to get the best for our staff, success should be rewarded.

Learning Opportunities

At Sleepbox we want to give everyone the opportunity to learn, develop and progress to do great things.  We want to give you the opportunity to build on the already great skills and experience you’ll bring with you.  When you start at Sleepbox you can look forward to a wealth of learning opportunities, which will equip you with all the skills and confidence you’ll need to be able to fulfil your potential.  All we ask in return is a commitment to push yourself forward and be up for learning new things and the challenges that may come your way.

Career Progression

We review our staffing structure on a quarterly basis giving endless opportunities for promotion and internal growth.  We offer a bespoke mentoring system which helps us to understand employees needs and support individual learning and development.  Sleepbox knows that business and technology is constantly evolving and so are people, and this is what sets our employee’s development aside.  To us, people are what holds our business together, and not just a statistic, so are you ready to reap the rewards of a career at Sleepbox?