Work, Rest and Play

We’ve all seen these amazing offices in the movies or on social media pages where they have chill out spaces, gyms and even pool tables. This directional change is real and becoming increasingly more popular amongst employers.

Employers who invest a lot more into the welfare of their employees can measure the return on investment through the increase in productivity rates.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

• The need to eat.
• The need to drink.
• The need to work.
• The need to sleep.

Those four needs may sound pretty basic, but they are also proving to be very essential within the working environment. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is being employed by many employers to help them maintain the perfect working environment for their employees and maintain a strong development of growth within their company.


In my previous blog post I talked about the benefits of napping at work. Since that post we have been able to witness first-hand the benefits of rested employees.

COINS, an international software solutions company, approached us at the beginning of the year to about how Sleepbox could help them. They were looking to utilise Sleepbox as a micro hotel within their Head Office and by so, save large sums of money spent on hotel bills, whilst offering a space for their employees to rest during the day.

It wasn’t just Sleepbox COINS invested in. They redesigned a redundant space within their facility to make a new area dedicated to the wellbeing of their employees. Installing a state of the art gym, lounge area and luxury shower facilities, offering employees a relaxed environment to unwind and rest within the workspace.