Why don’t you get into bed with us?

Sleepbox – Architect’s new best friend!

If you haven’t heard about Sleepbox by now… make it your next priority. Rest assured your competitors’ have and they’re using it to gain a competitive edge to win new business.

Sleepbox has redefined the definition of “Hotel” across the globe. With its modern, ailment cutting-edge concept design the Sleepbox fits into any environment and can be adapted to suit individual needs.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

In the global world we live in, companies are quickly realising the enormous performance and financial benefits associated with providing staff with a luxurious place to relax, nap or work privately. So how can Sleepbox support you? Well, we’ve pushed back boundaries and challenged tradition. Not only will your clients enjoy the benefits associated with a stylish and innovative new product, but the level of investment needed to achieve their objectives will be substantially lower. With an incredibly quick ROI in comparison to traditional solutions, your clients will be quick to conclude business with you.

Inspire your clients!

There are endless possibilities of how to utilise a Sleepbox. From the frustration of being delayed in an airport, to friends or family visiting you at university, from an innovative capsule hotel, to a contemporary office solution.

A Sleepbox is a blank canvas. Whether it’s integrated into the environment or used as a piece of art, we strive to meet every demand for the presentation, specifications and comfort of each individual Sleepbox. No matter what the environment, the brutal simplicity of Sleepbox means there is always space for a Sleepbox. If you can think it, we can make it possible!

With Sleepbox now exported across the globe, why not get ahead of the competition?