What’s the big idea? ampoule “beautifully executed”, “genius”, “revolutionary” – just a few quotes from the general public to describe Sleepbox”>

Did you know that the consolidation of memories occurs during sleep? Sleep is a fundamental part of maintaining regular levels of cognitive skills such as flexible and innovative thinking, speech and memory. Sleep is a very significant part of brain development which is imperative for professionals in the education sector and likewise your students.

Having a private and comfortable sleep will assist to improve cognitive skills and therefore maintain an overall joyful and healthy welfare of the people in your campus environment.

Sleepbox has the solution. A private, tranquil and secure area which is not just for sleep and rest… Why not use a Sleepbox for private study or simply an area to re-energise!

Sleepbox recently conducted a survey of 100 students from universities across England and Wales, and we think the results speak for themselves. 100% of students we surveyed felt they would benefit from having a private sleeping station on campus and 94% of overseas students thought having a Sleepbox would make it easier for their families to visit them. Sleepbox can be set up so that you can receive instant revenue on return from renting them out to visitors. Interestingly, 85% of students felt that having the use of a Sleepbox would add to their productivity essentially having a positive effect on exam results.

“Innovative”, “beautifully executed”, “genius”, “revolutionary” – just a few quotes from the general public to describe Sleepbox

We are here to help you with all enquiries about how you can utilise Sleepbox on your campus.