We are here for you

Over a 36 hour period 1 million patients are cared for by the NHS, pharmacy with 41,500 of these patients admitted to hospital in England every day.

Thousands of children are admitted to hospital every year.  Many having to travel great distances to receive specialist treatment putting strain on them and their family.  Research has shown that having family close by plays a role in a child’s recovery.  This is why Sleepbox are proud to support The Sick Children’s Trust and The Rainbow Trust children’s charities.

Sleepbox are here for you so you can be here for us

Sleepbox has the answer for your trust hospital.  The soundproofed, luxury interior offers a comfortable and peaceful environment to rejuvenate in.  During what can be stressful times for the family and loved ones travelling home sometimes aren’t an option the family wants to face.  Not to mention the costs of using hotels.

Sleepbox makes the perfect hotel alternative onsite for families to not have to be too far from their loved ones.  A Sleepbox can give you return on investment as an alternative to external hotels with the capsules being available with multiple configurations, including single, double, disabled and family size.

But why restrict them to patients family, why not utilise them for staff.  Resting and unwinding can increase and extend alertness in the period directly following the rest, helping your employees perform to their maximum.  Whether the capsules are being used as overnight accommodation or a space to escape for a few hours and refresh.  The uses of Sleepbox are endless.

Sleepbox. Anywhere. Anytime.