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There is nothing more annoying than going to buy something but finding out that there is no more available. Especially when this one thing will dictate your life for the next 3 years!

Student accommodation is one of those things that you have to get right, pills the location, the cost and who you share it with. After all, university is supposed to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

After looking around, I found that every year around 2.5 million students attend university in the UK alone.

But this doesn’t mean that they all have somewhere to stay. Shortage of university accommodation has increasingly led to students having to commute further to get to their campus each day and even choosing alternative universities.

Even if you are lucky enough to get student accommodation before it is all snapped up, you may end up with a grotty room which is definitely not worth the extortionate prices you are going to pay!

Surely this problem needs to be addressed? More and more students are attending university every year!

Another factor effecting where students stay nowadays is the price label!

In cities such as Oxford and London, accommodation rates are particularly high, to a point that some just cannot afford them.

This is where Sleepbox comes in…

Sleepboxes are next generation, state-of-the-art capsule bedrooms which are not only space efficient but also a lot more affordable than usual accommodation.

You can even share with your friends! We offer not only single Sleepboxes, but also double, triple and disabled units.

Comfortable. Affordable. Private.

Why wouldn’t you want them?

Lauren Probert

Contact: lauren@sleepbox.co.uk