Thinking outside the box buy cialis what ideas have you got?”>

“Revolutionary”. “Sleek”. “Practical”.

To name just a few of the words that have been used by people describing Sleepbox.

How can we help you here at Sleepbox? Any way you can think possible! Think outside of the box and look beyond our architecture. Our architect clients have already come up with many different ways to utilise Sleepbox for more than just sleep. We strive for fresh and innovative ideas to explore how we can use it to benefit in the ever changing global environment.

A Sleepbox is a modern and sleek design meaning it can be adapted visually as well as technically to suit every application. Whether your client wants it to stand out or blend in; be used for work or for sleep. We strive to make anything possible whatever the desire.

With enquiries coming from across the world we are learning so much about what the client wants and needs, whilst working alongside designers and architects like yourself. At the end of July we shall be completing the installation of Sleepboxes into the Head Office of an international business solutions company. This is an architect led project enabling the client to utilise the Sleepboxes as an onsite alternative to hotel accommodation. The practicality of this shall give them a return on investment within 6 months against the annual spend external hotel accommodation.