Take time for a power nap

Every day Sleepbox are trying to make a meaningful difference in peoples lives by improving health and wellbeing.  After all, the most vital thing in life is good health.

We would like to help you

It’s a proven fact… long stressful hours can take a toll on your body.  A NASA study on military pilots and astronauts showed that a 40 minute power nap improves performance by 34% and alertness by 100%. The effect of this can mean a reduction in mistakes and possible accidents.  Research has also shown that the stress hormone, cortisol, dramatically drops after a nap.

How can Sleepbox benefit you?

Sleepbox is a leading provider of sleeping capsules. Our luxury brand offers a high level of comfort and simple pleasure of micro accommodation with the aim to
re-energise the weary in an affordable and convenient way, when it is most needed.  Capturing a luxurious first class feel, Sleepbox has clearly defined the sleeping capsule brand offering a contemporary design, coupled together with boutique attention to detail.

With each capsule being tailor made to suit our client’s needs Sleepbox can becgin as a blank canvas.  Using individual colour schemes or even your own corporate branding a Sleepbox can fit into any environment.

More recently we have been commissioned to install Sleepboxes into a major conglomerate headquarters.  A world class R & D facility, totalling one million square foot headquarters will house the Sleepbox micro hotel and help staff to embrach a healthy lifestyle vision.