Sleeping Room



Sleeping rooms are the latest trend.  A space purely dedicated to allow the user to rejuvenate and sleep.  This increasingly popular trend is spreading across the globe.  Here at Sleepbox we offer our own sleeping room.

A Sleepbox is a capsule allowing the user to relax in a serene environment.  Each of our sleeping rooms is soundproofed to allow an undisturbed rest in the luxurious bed.  The privacy of a Sleepbox means you can just shut the world out for 20 minutes of even a full nights sleep.

Sleeping rooms are the ideal option for within airports for delays passengers, order as an alternative to student accommodation or even as a micro hotel.  If you can think it, Sleepbox can do it.

Have a browse through our website to see how our Sleeping rooms can benefit you or contact us here at Sleepbox for more information.