Sleeping at airports



Sleeping at airports is something we all see regularly both first hand and in the media.  There are so many reasons why people sleep at airports.  Have you done it?  Sleepbox would like to help.

Sleeping at airports can now be a thing of comfort and luxury.  Each Sleepbox capsule allows the guest to escape the hustle and bustle of the airport and escape in a serene and soundproofed environment.

Lie back and relax into the lavish mattress and curl up for a 20 minute nap while waiting for you flight or even spend the whole night before catching an early morning flight.  Sleepbox is the ideal solution for any airport.

Make sleeping at airports with Sleepbox a part of your next trip.

Contact us here at Sleepbox for more information or have a look through our website to see how Sleepbox can benefit you.