The 8th wonder of the world!

It is amazing how far we have come here at Sleepbox. Back in 2012 no one had even heard of us. With the increased popularity and rising awareness of sleeping capsules, price 2 years on Sleepbox now has 14 international sales offices in 14 countries, including Sleepbox Canada and Sleepbox Israel, as well as clients across 40 countries.

Every week we encounter enquires from every corner of the globe for many different uses of a Sleepbox… well beyond the norm of offices and airports. To give you some idea our clients have included:

Film Industry

We have been approached by a film production company about how Sleepbox can benefit them on a film set as an alternative to trailers for the cast and crew. The capsules would take up less space and offer a quieter sanctuary for the cast and crew to relax between takes.

Motor Industry

Why not use Sleepboxes at a car wash? A space for the carwash employees to relax, work or even nap in between shifts. This was a proposal we received earlier this year.

Within the home

Another example of thinking outside the box was an approach by a lady who wanted a Sleepbox in her home. The soundproofed capsule offered the perfect solution to eliminate the noise of her husband’s snoring while still being able to fit in with the interior of her home.

All three of these enquiries are examples of people thinking outside of the box about where and how they can utilise a Sleepbox. We love getting enquiries in that make us expand our thinking about new possibilities for Sleepbox.

If you can think it, it can happen.

Sleepbox is evolving. With a new product launch for 2015, there is nowhere else Sleepbox can go except expand further around the world. Thank you for all your support and feedback from all of us here at Sleepbox.

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