Sleepbox USA



Sleepbox USA is here.

Offering first class luxury, Sleepbox is a revolutionary concept in micro accommodation.

Do you ever see these amazing offices on social media and in movies where they have spaces for the employees to sleep?  These offices are real. Sleepbox USA is the perfect solution for building one of these spaces in your office.

Have you ever tried to sleep on an airport floor or across a few chairs?  A suitcase or pile of sweaters is never quite the same as a comfortable bed in a quiet secure space.  Sleepbox is designed for just this.

The possibilities of Sleepbox are endless. Sleepbox USA is here to help you with however you think you can use a Sleepbox.  Step into the serene environment and relax.

Sleepbox USA is here for you.  Contact us at click on the side menu bar to view the full Sleepbox product range for more information.