Sleepbox Taiwan



Sleepbox Taiwan is coming soon…

The country known for its lush forests and steep mountains is welcoming Sleepbox.

Our Sleepbox Taiwan office is here for you.  With each Sleepbox offering a little space of serenity, it is the ideal retreat for anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Whether you are looking for 20 minutes to rejuvenate or a full nights sleep, the luxurious interiors of each capsule allows you to do this with pure comfort.

How would you utilise a Sleepbox?

Each capsule is suitable for many different sectors.  Why not install some at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to allow travellers to relax before their flight?

However you want to utilise a Sleepbox, we can make it happen. Contact Sleepbox Taiwan for a Sleepbox price or for more information or click on the side menu bar to view the full Sleepbox product range.