Sleepbox Portugal



Sleepbox Portugal is on its way.

Have you ever had that feeling at work where you just want to take a nap at your desk?

Sleepbox Portugal as the solution.

Each Sleepbox capsule allows for a first class experience.  From a quick 20 minute rest to a full nights sleep.  Lay back on the soft luxurious bed and relax.  With the sleek exterior to blend in or stand out of any environment Sleepbox is suitable for anywhere.

With Sleepbox Portugal offering opportunities across many different sectors from micro hotels to alternative student accommodation, where would you use a Sleepbox?

However you want to utilise a Sleepbox, we can make it happen. Contact Sleepbox Portugal for a Sleepbox price or for more information or click on the side menu bar to view the full Sleepbox product range.