Sleepbox Norway



Welcome to Sleepbox Norway!

With Norway being the birth place of modern skiing, why not utilise Sleepboxes as a modern twist on accommodation as opposed to traditional hotels and chalets.

The Sleepbox exterior can be designed to suit any environment.  Whether you want it in its natural form to compliment the beautiful surroundings or to use it for corporate branding to receive extra revenue from the capsules, Sleepbox can assisy you with your objectives.

Each Sleepbox capsule is fitted with the best technologies and luxurious furnishings in order to offer a secure and comfortable environment for the user.  Whether its to offer a space of tranquillity to wind down for an hour or for a full night’s sleep.

To discover how you can best use our Sleepbox product please contact the Sleepbox Norway team at  Alternatively, please click on the side menu bar to view the full Sleepbox product range for more information or to obtain a Sleepbox price.