Sleepbox New Zealand



Welcome to Sleepbox New Zealand.

Our team of experts are pleased to assist you with any aspect of the Sleepbox product.  Have you ever been faced with having to take a nap on the floor of an airport where thousands of people have already trodden while waiting for a delayed flight?  Hardly ideal?

Well why not let our Sleepbox New Zealand team assist you in finding the most solution for you in which to utilise using a Sleepbox product.

Whilst Sleepbox is ideal the product to be installed into airports, it doesn’t just have to stop there!  Other ideas include; within an office environment, factories for shift workers, train stations, universities, and the list goes on…

To find out more about the Sleepbox product please contact the Sleepbox New Zealand office at or click on the side menu bar to view the full Sleepbox product range or obtain a Sleepbox price.