Sleepbox Netherlands



Sleepbox Netherlands is soon coming your way!

Sleepbox is the ideal solution for resting while travelling or rejuvenating whilst working.  Each capsule is built to the highest possible standards and offers space for privacy, security and comfort wherever you are.  You’ll never have to sleep on the floor of an airport, or at the desk in a library again.

With Amsterdam Airport Schiphol being one of the busiest airports in the world with over 52 million passengers a year travelling through it, delays and cancellations are inevitable.  By installing the Sleepbox product, you can offer passengers a space to rest their head, whilst charging only a fraction of the price compared to traditional hotels.

Our Sleepbox Netherlands office can assist you; whether its for a standalone Sleepbox unit or as part of a cluster our team can help you maximise any unutilised space within a building.  Originally aimed at the airport sector, Sleepboxes can now be used across many different sectors.  Whether you are looking to build a twist on traditional hotels or add extra accommodation to your educational establishment, our team can help you.

To discover how you can best use Sleepbox Netherlands, whether it is in the workplace, home, university or a transportation hub, contact us at or click on the side menu bar to view the full Sleepbox product range or obtain a Sleepbox price for more information.