Sleepbox Middle East



Sleepbox Middle East has arrived!

The Middle East offers opportunities for millions of people from all over the world and Sleepbox are keen to become part of this opportunity.

By setting up our Sleepbox Middle East office we can expand our business in the local area and reach more people than we would ever have hoped to from here in our UK Head Office.

With each Sleepbox being built with the finest of detail and boasting sumptuous interiors, the Middle East region compliments Sleepbox perfectly with its outstanding beauty.

Draped in history there are so many hidden gems within the Middle East, so why not use a Sleepbox to relax while exploring.

To find out more information about Sleepbox or obtain a Sleepbox price then please contact us here at our Sleepbox Middle East office or click on the side menu bar to view the full Sleepbox product range.