Sleepbox Hungary



Sleepbox Hungary is here.  The new way to work and rest in perfect harmony.

Sleepbox Hungary is the ideal solution for resting while travelling and rejuvenating while working.  Each capsule is built to the highest possible standards and offers space for privacy, security and comfort wherever you are.  You’ll never have to sleep on the floor of an airport or at the desk in library again with Sleepbox.

Sleepbox offers the latest technology and design in micro accommodation.  With so many different ways a Sleepbox can be utilised, what would you use one for?

Each Sleepbox is soundproofed to allow the perfect space of serenity.  Whether you are looking for a twist on traditional hotels, an alternative to student accommodation or a luxurious space within the working environment to rest then Sleepbox Hungary is the answer.

However you want to utilise a Sleepbox, we can make it happen. Contact Sleepbox Hungary for a Sleepbox price or for more information click on the side menu bar to view the full Sleepbox product range.