Sleepbox Canada

canadian office banner


Sleepbox Ltd, one of the world’s leading suppliers of capsule hotels, announced today that it recently opened a new office, in Canada.  Expanding it’s global footprint to 14 offices.

The announcement follows a strong performance in 2014.  “Sleepbox’s strong, steady growth and our expanding global footprint are a real tribute to the talent of our people, especially in these uncertain economic times,” says David Rowlands, Chairman.  “Our team have an exceptional ability to understand and work with clients to generate great value.”

Since 2011, Sleepbox’s revenues have continued to grow.  David Rowland believes that the firm, which is celebrating its third anniversary this year, is well positioned to continue growing faster than its major competitors: “Along with strong hiring from our traditional sources, we are looking to recruit more people with industry and functional expertise at all levels.  A continuous emphasis on developing and retaining talented people remains the firm’s key driver of success,” Rowlands stresses.  In addition, the new Canadian office will bring fresh opportunities in an otherwise untouched market.