Sleep easy with Sleepbox sale but with times changing why not offer a Sleepbox for some privacy.”>

The education system is an ever expanding and evolving system. This is reflected through the students themselves. They are the ones who are now responsible and will be joining the ever changing world, decease shaping the future ahead.

What have Sleepbox got to do with it?

Here at Sleepbox we have a revolutionary new concept. Each Sleepbox is a world-class facility which can be tailored to endless requirements.

Boarders sharing a room has always been the norm, shop but times have changed and in the ever changing world, privacy is becoming increasingly desirable. With Sleepbox, students can have their own personal space for sleep and study, and not have to worry about the other boarders in their dorm disturbing them as these capsules are soundproofed. In addition a Sleepbox doesn’t require much space, so a room can be fully utilised with Sleepboxes as an alternative to traditional beds.

A Sleepbox doesn’t just have to be for sleep. During stressful times such as exams private, quiet and comfortable places to study are essential. Sleepbox is such an environment, and can provide that solution, working also as a study station. Being soundproof also means it can be located almost anywhere around the school.

Ever thought about on-site accommodation for visitors?

With the students being away from home on average 32 weeks of a year for school, missing family is inevitable. Our state of the art Sleepboxes being situated on-site works as an alternative to hotels for visitors to your school. Sleepboxes are available with multiple configurations, including single, double, disabled and family size. All Sleepboxes provide an ideal place for family and friends to stay on-site in comfort and without the added thought of extra travel on their trip to visit their child. But why restrict them to student’s family, why not utilise them for staff and visitors alike.

Due to the compact nature of Sleepbox, redundant space would be used efficiently to fit more accommodation in compared with traditional methods.

At Sleepbox we are here to answer any question you have about our product, or visit our website for more details.