Power Nap



Have you ever felt the need for a power nap?  We have all been there!  Here at Sleepbox we encourage power naps!

Our Sleepbox capsules are the ideal solution for power naps.  With each Sleepbox capsule being made to first class standards allowing the user to rest in home from home comfort it is hard to resist a power nap.

With many studies now showing the effects taking a power nap can have on yourself and the benefits employees can gain from it, having a napping space within the working environment is becoming increasingly popular.

Sleepbox can be used anywhere.  Whether you are looking for somewhere to rest your head while waiting for a flight or as an alternative to tradition hotels, Sleepbox can help.

Have a look through the rest of our website or contact us here at Sleepbox to find out how we can help with your next power nap. info@sleepbox.co.uk