Pod Hotels



Pod hotels are being built all over the world.

Pod hotels are becoming increasingly popular and a new quirky way to rest while travelling.  With the tourism industry growing constantly, finding a hotel in some of the best cities in the world offering you first class luxury to suit any budget is becoming hard to find.

This is where Sleepbox is the ideal solution for pod hotels.  With Sleepbox capsules being free standing, the time and cost in producing a pod hotel using Sleepboxes can be up to two thirds less than a traditional hotel.

Each Sleepbox capsule is offer space for the guest to work, rest and sleep within the soundproofed walls of each capsule.  Secure and private the ideal solution for travellers and workers alike.

Have a look through the rest of the Sleepbox website to explore our product range and see where your nearest Sleepbox pod hotels are or for information on setting up your own.