Moden Office Concept



Are you looking for the latest modern office concept?

Sleepbox has it.  Each Sleepbox capsule is designed to allow the user a space of serenity while taking a break in the work place.  Offering the highest quality in comfort within.  Whether you are looking for a 20 minute rest or a place to stay all night, just lie back in the Sleepbox box and shut the world out.

This modern office concept doesn’t just allow for a 20 minute power nap.  Why not use Sleepboxes as an alternative to a hotel.  This will save drastic sums on money in comparison to external hotel costs.  Sleepbox isn’t just for sleep.

With the capsules being soundproofed, private and secure why not look into how a Sleepbox can be used for work rather than rest.  Having a space for private research, conference calls without interruptions.  The possibilities are endless.

To find out more information about how our modern office concept can benefit you then have a look through the rest of our website or contact us here at Sleepbox.