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Proud to boast

The Sleepbox Residence quickly transforms a standard Sleepbox into a world of convenience.

With one touch you can quickly transform the Sleepbox into a self contained media centre with our latest state-of-the art technology.


Forget the world outside

Fitted as standard is the luxury 3 sided leather effect quilted headboard which doubles up as a dayboard.

The soothing and complimentary neutral colours of brown and taupe give the Sleepbox Residence the most perfect ambience for guests staying at a Sleepbox location.


Stay connected

Being resident in a Sleepbox shouldn’t mean losing touch with the outside world. That’s why Sleepbox Residence have Cat 5 sockets fitted.

WIFI can also be accessed depending on the location. Let Sleepbox bring the outside world, in!


Always the attention seeker

Attention to detail is critical. Our contemporary natural finish gives the Sleepbox Residence the perfect finishing touch.

We’ve designed and developed an exclusive range of materials and textures to give the Sleepbox Residence unlimited vanity.  Every aspect of the interior has been minutely scrutinised to ensure maximum comfort and luxury.

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Relax, rest or take a nap

Sleepbox Residence – A heightened experience at your finger tips. Designed for your comfort it’s what makes the Sleepbox Residence an unforgettable experience. Sleepbox is here for you when you most need it.

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Perfect ambience

We’re constantly working to bring innovation directly to you. Sleepbox Residence brings together the specialist knowledge and expertise to bring you the latest in innovation. Simply a luxury, stylish product!