Premier Single Design


Luxury in a Sleepbox

The Sleepbox Premier isn’t a classic Sleepbox, viagra order
it combines a rich, cure yet exceptional interior which oozes poise and grace.

It’s curvaceous shape, pharmacy gun metal and vibrant red interior quickly entices you into the tranquil setting.


Technology at your finger tips

The Sleepbox Premier offers a peaceful retreat, coupled with the latest technology.

The sleek, aluminium control panel allows you to operate and change the settings at a touch of a button ensuring your stay is simply first class.


Welcolming interior

With its intrinsically designed headboard and sumptuous mixture of vibrant red accessories the Sleepbox Premier Single is breath-taking by design.

It’s unique button 3 sided headboard frames the Sleepbox beautifully and is prominent by nature, whilst the scatter cushions add that special little touch of luxury.


rem cushions

Feel at home

It’s important to us that you feel at home. Put your feet up, sink back and chill out in the wonderful space that is the Sleepbox Premier Single.

The ‘Sleepbox Signature bed’ offers sumptuous support, whilst the 3 sided headboard offers excellent lumbar support whilst seated.

Sleepbox line



Let the outside in

The Sleepbox Premier comes complete with 1 uniquely designed window to allow the inside in. But when you’re ready to leave the world behind, simply close the privacy blinds and enjoy the tranquillity that is the Sleepbox Premier.

It’s getting hot in here…

With the latest in climate control at the touch of the button the inside temperature can be set to your preferred temperature, ensuring your stay in a Sleepbox Premier is exactly to your individual personal taste.