Grand Single Design



Crème de la crème

Sleepbox has always enjoyed the enviable title of the ‘Rolls Royce’ in its industry.

An uncompromising attention to detail, determination to perfect and passion for innovation have all helped propel this range to the converted title.


Designed to perfection

Every minute detail of the Sleepbox Grand has been carefully crafted.

From its emphatic, curvaceous structure to its luxury and sumptuous interior, all features serve a purpose. The Sleepbox Grand Single is simply the perfect setting to kick back, relax and rejuvenate.


Craftsmanship supreme

The Sleepbox Grand has been specifically crafted for impact and scrutiny.

The tactile luxury velvet headboard is embodied with Swarovski Crystals for maximum impact and a premium finish. The crushed velvet sumptuous scatter cushions represent everything that is exquisite about the Sleepbox Grand.

Sleepbox line




Nothing else like it

Sink down in the ‘Sleepbox Grand ‘signature’ bed.

Relax, rejuvenate and escape from the outside  world in the tranquil environment that is the Sleepbox Grand Single.

All preconceptions quickly dissipate as you enter the Sleepbox Grand.  An experience not to be missed.



Nothing else like it

Grace the Sleepbox Grand with your presence and celebrate everything that is luxurious. Embrace the perfection and let the surroundings transport you to a peaceful haven.


Meaningful Innovation

The Sleepbox has many distinctive features, not least the sleep aluminum control panel. Armed with an array of buttons the control panel ensures effortless enjoyment, creating the environment to suit you.