Classic Twin Standard Features

Sleepbox Classic Twin Standard Features


> Eight piece soundproofed body
> Size: 3.05m (H) x 2.5m (W) x 1.6m/1.8m (D)
> 2 windows
> Door with mechanical lock and 3 keys
> Exhaust fan in the roof
> Air inlets under the bottom bed
> Durable floor carpet
> Adjustable height legs
> Two ‘signature’ single beds with mattresses


> Main illuminating lamps
> Reading lamps
> Bedside mains sockets
> Roof and floor electrical hatches


> Desk station/Vanity Unit
> Cube stool
> 2 x single beds
> Electrical powered privacy blind(s)
> Flip down table above the bed
> Wall mounted vanity mirror
> Horizontal hanger for clothing
> Clothing hooks
> Luggage space under bed


> Approx 1 Kw (220-230V 50 Hz is requires for one unit     (power converters available on request)

twin 160