Classic Twin Design


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Eye catching and distinctive

The Sleepbox Classic Twin is one of our most popular models.  The interior is multi functional and comes with two Sleepbox ‘signature’ single beds.

The interior offers simplicity; quickly blending seamlessly into a luxurious environment.


Double the experience

The Sleepbox Classic Twin is designed with 2 ‘signature’ Sleepbox single beds one above the other.

The top bed accessed by discreet stairs located at the end of the Sleepbox.


A delightful surprise

The Sleepbox itself is constantly evolving.  The architectutally designed curvaceous design provokes curiosity and intrigue.

If you’ve never stayed in one before it will be difficult to imagine what you are missing.  Explore the world of Sleepbox and enjoy the delights you never know existed.


The Sleepbox experience has been tested to perfection to ensure that it is worthy of the Sleepbox name.  We’ve worked tirelessly with our team of experts to ensure that nothing is left to chance and your needs are carefully taken care of.

The Sleepbox Classic Twin emulates sophistication throughout.  The natural interior boasts an inviting finish welcoming you in, whilst the contemporary detail offers a gentle hint of sophistication.


Ready for everything

Time to try it

Everybodys’ use for a Sleepbox is different.  Whether you are retreating for a few hours to escape the outside world or need a place to work in peace and quiet; Sleepbox offers a solution.  Sit back, kick of your shoes and enjoy the experience that is Sleepbox.

Luxury wrapped in a box

We’ve thought of everything.  The sumptious mood lighting quietly dimmed to suit.  The electric privacy blinds to block out the outside world.  The neatly located thermastat to ensure the optimum temperature is maintained for individual comfort.