Manchester Airport Delays



Manchester airport delays are on average 12.18 minutes with only 0.58% of flights being delayed by over 3 hours.  Doesn’t really seem that long in comparison to what they could be.

What are you doing to keep yourself occupied with your delay?

With 50 places to shop or buy food from you are spoilt for choice.  But there is only so long that will relieve boredom for with your Manchester airport delays!

How about a quick nap on the airport floor?  That is never comfortable!  This is where you need a Sleepbox.

A Sleepbox is a revolutionary design perfect for delays.  Offering private and secure place to nap, work or rejuvenate.  Escape the hustle and bustle of an airport in a Sleepbox.  Have a browse through our website for your nearest Sleepbox and how they can benefit you with your Manchester airport delays!

Contact us here at Sleepbox for more information or have a look through our website to see how Sleepbox can benefit you.