Kick start your season with Sleepbox story rest or sleep.”>

Professional footballers are always on the go. Whether it’s training, friendlies, premiership or international games, players will be on the move. On average each premiership team plays 44 games a season before any qualifying rounds. That’s a lot of football! It is therefore inevitable for exhaustion to affect players causing muscle and joint aches and pains, especially in double practice, so why not offer your team a place to unwind and rejuvenate their tired minds and bodies? A Sleepbox will provide a break from the routine and a chance to relax.

So who are we?

We’re sure you’ve heard about the rise in popularity of sleeping capsules. Well we offer a little something extra, thinking outside the box and giving our clients more than just the norm. A Sleepbox is more than just a space to sleep, having space to work, or simply just relax. The optional features of a Sleepbox are endless. We strive to meet every idea and find a way to make it possible. Why not fit a TV in the capsules which your players can privately watch and take note on their previous performances or just catch up on the latest news while having a short break?

Brand your own! Sleepbox can be a blank canvas. With each capsule being tailor made, you can have an individual colour scheme, complete with your own corporate branding. Why not increase revenue further by using the Sleepbox as a platform for advertising or sponsorship?

Not just for players…

Sleepbox could be an ideal solution for corporate days, an ideal for your sponsors and business guests. The opportunities are endless. In the competitive world of football why not see how using a Sleepbox could benefit your club?