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The rapid growth of the economy after the recent global crisis means that the business world will need to adapt to accommodate the rapidly increasing demand for goods and services. Inevitably these market forces will mean a more strenuous and competitive environment for those engaged in providing the economic stimulus for business expansion. Across the whole of the business sector market leaders are increasingly focusing on the well being and moral of its staff, not merely because of its statutory obligations, but also recognising it as a critical factor in the development of the company’s success.

A recently conducted survey of 100 professionals across the business sector gave the following results :

100% found a quiet working area to be the most conducive element to the work environment.
100% would find it very advantageous to be able to take a short respite in a peaceful enclosed space.
92% thought that having such a facility would add substantially to their productivity

The Answer: Sleepbox

Sleepbox is a state of the art luxury capsule providing a completely private, soundproofed space, with interiors designed to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Sleepbox provides a unique respite environment, suitable for anything from an hours “chill out” to a full night’s sleep facility.

Sleepbox has recently been engaged by an international business solutions company to provide sleeping capsules at their headquarters. Our product will enable the client to utilise Sleepbox as an on-site alternative to hotel accommodation in addition to the respite space for their employees. The savings on Hotel expenses alone offers this client a ROI of around six months.*

Visit the Sleepbox website or contact our sales and marketing office at Warwick Innovation Centre to enquire how Sleepbox can be utilised in your business environment, and perhaps provide a unique solution to your office requirements.

Sleepbox. Anywhere. Anytime.

*ROI are client specific.