Have a sleep on us cheap then Sleepbox has the ideal solution.”>

Do you find conferences and exhibitions exhausting at times?  If the answer is YES, order then Sleepbox has the ideal solution.  Whether you are looking for somewhere to rest, drug recoup and re-energise for an hour or simple overnight hotel accommodation, Sleepbox can provide you with an answer.

The luxurious, sleek design boasts both comfort and luxury, while guaranteeing a peaceful haven of tranquillity within.  With features such as the Sleepbox ‘Signature’ bed and a conveniently located work station, the Sleepbox offer a multi-functional facility, making them an ideal space to work or rest privately away from the hustle and bustle.

The stylish silhouette allows for a versatile layout whether it’s an individual or multiple units.  Complement existing traditional accommodation by installing a versatile Sleepbox into previously unused redundant space and maximise the opportunity to increase revenue.

Brand your own!  A Sleepbox can be a blank canvas.  With each capsule being tailor made, you can have an individual colour scheme, coupled with your own corporate branding.  Why not increase revenue further by using the Sleepbox as a platform for advertising?  The possibilities are endless with Sleepbox.

Sleepbox. Anywhere. Anytime.