Have a break with us

The school year is now fully underway, troche and we would like to offer you a new opportunity to continue making a difference in your students’ lives.

How can Sleepbox help?

With so many amazing opportunities within your school for your students to excel at, a Sleepbox can offer an environment for them to take just 15 minutes to refresh between classes or extra-curricular. The comfortable and tranquil surroundings within a Sleepbox offers the chance to move onto the next part of their day with a fresher approach.

Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Winston Churchill are just a few examples of some of the greatest minds throughout history who were known for enjoying and taking regular naps.

Sleepbox is the ideal solution for your school

As we mentioned in our previous correspondence there are many ways to utilise our state of the art capsules. Their versatility offers more options than just overnight accommodation, with the uses of a Sleepbox simply limitless. With each capsule being totally independent they require no planning permission and can be incorporated into almost any unused space.

The soundproofed exterior makes a Sleepbox the perfect place to escape to rejuvenate both body and mind. The luxurious design guarantees a peaceful haven of tranquillity for both students and employees alike.