Flights cancelled today



On average there will be over 700 flights cancelled today, are you one of them?

Due to numerous different reasons for the cancellation, turning up at the airport to be informed your flight isn’t going anywhere is never fun.

An airport doesn’t make for a very comfortable alternative to your travel destination, but here at Sleepbox we are changing that.  Gone are the days of napping on the uncomfortable chairs or trying to find a quiet corner to set up your temporary bedroom or work space with your fellow passengers who’ve had their flights cancelled today.

With Sleepbox we offer a world-class facility to hide away from the day to day fast paced activity of the airport and escape to a comfortable and quiet capsule.  Each Sleepbox comes with equipped with sleeping and working space.  Whether you want to catch up on sleep or just have your own private space to hide away to.

Have a browse through our website to find your nearest Sleepbox and how we can help if your flights cancelled today.

Contact us here at Sleepbox for more information or have a look through our website to see how Sleepbox can benefit you.