Flight Delays



On average there are 7000 flight delays a day.  Although a majority of them are just by a 15 minute delay, sometimes we are a little less fortunate and have to spend a lot more time in the airport then we’d planned.

What do you do in an airport when you are stuck with flight delays?

Travelling can easily become very tiring.  But leaving the airport to find a hotel isn’t an option a lot of the time while waiting for flight delays.  Sleepbox is the solution for this.

A Sleepbox is a modern, sleek design perfect for flight delays.  Offering private and secure place to nap, work or rejuvenate.  Gone are the days of sleeping on the airport floor or chairs.  Escape the hustle and bustle of an airport in a Sleepbox.  Have a browse through our website for your nearest Sleepbox and how they can benefit you with you next time you are stuck with flight delays!

Contact us here at Sleepbox for more information info@sleepbox.co.uk or have a look through our website to see how Sleepbox can benefit you.