Feel like trying something new?

New academic year, new faces, why not add a new innovative concept to your university as well? Studies have shown that people who take naps in the middle of their day perform 20% better in memory exercises with lower stress levels than those who don’t. At Sleepbox we have the perfect solution for you and your students.

Sleepbox is a state of the art luxury capsule providing a completely private space with interiors designed to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Sleepbox provides a unique respite environment, suitable for anything from an hours “chill out” to a full night’s sleep facility. However Sleepbox doesn’t have to be utilised for just napping, the soundproofed quality makes them a perfect place to study without the distractions of everything going on around them.

The possibilities with Sleepbox are endless

With more students choosing to attend university and more courses being developed every year accommodation is in high demand. We want to help you continue to achieve the greatest results and give everyone the best university experience they can have. Why not offer an alternative to the traditional accommodation available for students. With the Sleepbox capsules being enclosed it offers a space for the student to sleep and work while feeling safe and secure. During a recent survey of international students 90% said Sleepbox was a good idea and the perfect alternative for their families to come and visit them.

Have you ever thought about having an on-campus hotel?

Sleepboxes provide a unique cost effective solution. Using Sleepbox as a hotel solution will provide a quick return on investment while offering a safe, secure place, for visitors to stay, including family as well as staff and students who have to travel a bit further to get to campus. The flexibility of Sleepbox means this is quick and cost effective way to create a modern Capsule Hotel within the campus whilst avoiding the need to change the aesthetics of any existing building and doesn’t require any planning permission.