Why choose Sleepbox?

The Sleepbox product is unique in the marketplace. By partnering with Sleepbox, you will be choosing to work with the world’s number one. We will help you realise your goal and support you in all aspects of your business. As a partnership we’ll establish clear objectives in line with the Sleepbox values to ensure a win-win situation is achieved.

So how can we help?

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Architecture & Construction

Sleepbox has a team of experts with experience in all aspects of architectural design, engineering and construction. Our team will help you bring your idea to life in accordance with your budget and time frames.

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Business plan & finance

Sleepbox has acquired extensive experience working closely with clients coupled with running its own operations. Our aim is to share this expertise with you and make the information available so you can benefit from previous success stories


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Our Sleepboxes

We have hundred’s of Sleepboxes already in operation across many different sectors and we expect this number to triple over the next 12 months. To view a sample of the Sleepbox projects please click here.