Connecting flights



Life would be easier if all flights went direct and we didn’t have to think about the wait between or the risk of missing our connecting flights.  What do you do in the airport to keep yourself occupied between connecting flights?

Airport facilities are fast growing away from the basics they used to have as the demand for air travel is growing.  Larger airports are becoming shopping hubs offering so much.  A lot of this is designed for people with long waits between their connecting flights.  Does the airport you are having your connecting flights with have anywhere to sleep?  This is where you want a Sleepbox.

Here at Sleepbox we offer a private a secure place to rejuvenate, work or sleep while waiting for you flight in our modern cutting edge capsules.  Have a browse through our website to find your nearest Sleepbox ready for your next connecting flights.

Contact us here at Sleepbox for more information or have a look through our website to see how Sleepbox can benefit you.