Capsule Hotels



Capsule hotels are becoming an ever growing trend.

Popping up all over the world, capsule hotels are a traveller’s best friend.  From allowing the user to stay for a few hours or even a few days, the concept of the hotels allows more beds to be placed in a space meaning increased revenue.

With capsule hotels becoming increasingly popular have you ever been to one?

Here at Sleepbox, we would like to offer a new luxurious style of capsule hotels.  Sleepbox capsules offer space for the guest to work, rest and sleep within the soundproofed walls of each capsule.  Secure and private with space for some luggage rather than having to use lockers like many other capsule hotels.  The ideal solution for travellers and workers alike.

Have a look through the rest of the Sleepbox website to explore our product range and see where your nearest Sleepbox capsule hotels are.